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Here are comments from those who have read
“The Steward Investor.”

This small book packs a huge punch! It is a potential game-changer for thousands of Christ-followers who are serious about loving the world in the name of Jesus, and who perceive that the financial resources placed in their care by God are not theirs but His.

Peter Shaukat

co-founder of a UK-based global economic development fund

The Steward Investor is one of the only resources I have ever seen that discusses how to steward investments so that they are aligned with God’s Great Commission objectives. For too long our investment portfolios have looked all too normal. I pray this book challenges your mind and heart to rearrange your investment portfolio so that it includes distinctly missional businesses across the globe.

Ryan Crozier

Founder of Good Bureau, Bucharest, Romania

This book is dynamite. It will cause explosions in many peoples’ lives and so it should come with a health (comfort) warning. It will play a big part reshaping my own investment portfolio.

Malcolm Johnston

Partner, Angello, Belfast City, Northern Ireland

In The Steward Investor is a must-read for any Christ follower who wants to heed the imperative to build one’s treasure in heaven.

Dodd Roberts

Director, Halbert Center for Missions and Global Service, Abilene Christian University

This book provides a framework that has the power to help transform our minds from the patterns of the world to those of God’s Kingdom economy. Don brings unique insight into the powerful patterns that animate personal financial decisions, even among the most generous Christ followers, especially as it pertains to investments, a practice few consider a spiritual pursuit. Don seeks to change that. I look forward to seeing the ripple effect of wealth deployed by those made newly aware of the powerful force for good they wield when making strategic Kingdom investments in real enterprises going about their Father’s business in some of the toughest environments around the world.

Rachel Rose Nelson

Executive Director, Freedom Business Alliance

This is a book about stewardship on a completely other level than we are used to hearing as Christians. Simmons invites us to see ourselves as “oikonomos” or steward-investors. Many of us who consider ourselves “ordinary Christians” may not think ourselves wealthy, let alone put ourselves in the category of “investor” and may mistakenly feel this book is directed at someone else. But the truth is that we are investors if we’ve got money in the bank and this book has much to say to us.

Jo Plummer

Co-Chair, Business as Mission Global, Thailand

The Steward Investor is the most comprehensive book I have read that encourages Christians to invest differently than our secular counterparts.

Greg Lernihan

Faith Criven Investor, Co-Founder of Convergint Technologies

As a Christian who has worked in the technology sector for over twenty years, I’ve long wrestled with how to use the talents and prosperity God has given me to be a blessing to others. In The Steward Investor, financial advisor Don Simmons develops the idea of stewardship and shows what it means to invest in the kingdom of God … thoughtfully, deliberately and holistically for both local and global impact. Great book with fantastic examples.

Anthony K.

CTO of a technology incubator in Silicon Valley

I want to die broke! I’m in tears, Don…. God is using your words to wreck me!

Anonymous Reader

Until now, there hasn’t been such a compelling articulation of how investing in redemptive businesses allows us to be ambassadors for Christ. “The mandate of the Lord’s fiduciary is to deploy resources to fulfill His purposes as laid out in the Great Commission and Great Commandment.”  For me, accepting this challenge looks like a better route to one day hearing, “well done, good and faithful servant.”

David Simms

Founder and Managing Partner, Talanton Fund

There are many books on stewardship as it relates to giving to donor based ministries like churches and mission agencies. But, until now, I’ve not seen a book about stewardship as it relates to investing. Don Simmons opens our eyes to seeing the Big Picture and what it means to be God’s Fiduciary in literally all aspects of our finances. Don comes at this question from decades as a successful financial planner, investor, and passionate follower of Jesus.

Mike Baer

CEO, Third Path Initiative

In The Steward Investor, Don Simmons does a terrific job of illustrating the impact Kingdom investing can have on the world.  His ability to integrate the impact of real-life stories, coupled with applicable Biblical references, will make every reader think twice about their own investment strategy. Don illustrates without question that he truly “walks the talk” with his own finances.  His transparency regarding this subject is refreshing, and I am confident the book will impact every reader in a positive way…both personally and for the Kingdom as well.

Robert Bush

Managing Director, IBEC Ventures

Rather than relying on existing options, this challenge to invest in Kingdom businesses should drive us all to create, enable, and support profitable companies that holistically transform the world. We say all “our money is His,” so invest like it’s His and build companies that let others do the same.

Matt Hangen

President and CEO of Water4

Don Simmon’s book is engaging on a topic extremely relevant for all followers of Christ: how do we thoughtfully steward everything we have so God is delighted and people’s lives are transformed due to our obedience? Written in such a personal way that couples could study it together, families could discuss its implications and small groups could use it for a deep dive on maximizing their impact for God.

Randy Dirks, Ph.D.

Senior Stewardship Advisor at Bethany International

Don’s work is timely and poignant. Young people are hungry to understand solid biblical financial wisdom. They understand investing and want to do so more responsibly. There is a call amongst this generation to be stewards of our resources and to make financial decisions that align with people and planet, along with profit. The Steward Investor will encourage God’s people to help the poor, pursue justice, seek solutions, and create a better world (“Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…”). I can’t wait to integrate this book into my teaching on personal finance.

Ervin Starr, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair of Undergraduate Business, Roberts Wesleyan College

You’ve never met an investment advisor like Don Simmons! The Steward Investor will challenge you to live as God’s fiduciary and invest in Kingdom businesses in the world’s hardest frontier markets.

Matthew Rohrs

CEO, Sinapis, Kenya

The Steward Investor is an insightful and challenging call to action for every Christian to release back to God what He has allowed them to accumulate. The time has come for us to awaken to the reality that wealth is a powerful tool in the Lord’s hands and a dread to us when held back from Him.

Garry McDowall

COO, SuperGreen Solutions and Kingdom Entrepreneur

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