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By Donald E. Simmons, CFP®

The Steward Investor

Investing God’s Resources
for Eternal Impact

The Steward Investor takes us beyond basic financial principles to where we become fiduciaries who own nothing but manage everything to achieve the redemptive objectives of God, the True Owner. Using scripture and real-world examples, Don helps us discover a different and dynamic way to invest. He identifies scriptures that caution against investment practices that are contrary to God’s design for capital, and points us in a direction that aligns our investments with kingdom of heaven objectives.

He challenges modern temporal financial planning constructs, like maximizing personal financial returns and minimizing personal risk, and leads Christians to optimize positive investment outcomes for all stakeholders, including employees, community, and the planet, for eternity. Don’s own engaging and inspiring journey will challenge readers to change direction with their investments and start their own path toward investing for eternal impact as God’s steward investor.

Q&A video with Don Simmons, where he shares why he wrote The Steward Investor, who it’s written for, and how it could change the world.

This is a book about stewardship on a completely other level than we are used to hearing as Christians. Simmons invites us to see ourselves as “oikonomos” or steward-investors. Many of us who consider ourselves “ordinary Christians” may not think ourselves wealthy, let alone put ourselves in the category of “investor” and may mistakenly feel this book is directed at someone else. But the truth is that we are investors if we’ve got money in the bank and this book has much to say to us.

Jo Plummer

Co-Chair, Business as Mission Global, Thailand

This small book packs a huge punch! It is a potential game-changer for thousands of Christ-followers who are serious about loving the world in the name of Jesus, and who perceive that the financial resources placed in their care by God are not theirs but His.

Peter Shaukat

co-founder of a UK-based global economic development fund


Don Simmons

Don is a thirty-year veteran investment advisor and CFP® Professional managing nearly a quarter billion dollars of assets through the boutique investment firm he founded in 1988. Don knows about the power of using investment capital to build people and communities through transformational businesses.  He served with a London based economic development fund where he coordinated a global management team that deployed dozens of mentors and coaches as well as financial capital to businesses in more than twenty countries among the most impoverished communities in the world.  

For individuals, Don combines his expertise in portfolio asset allocation, his diligent study of the Scriptures regarding our role as stewards of God’s money, and his passion to teach people the power their assets can have when deployed to expand God’s kingdom.  

Don has been married to Amy since 1989. Their home in upstate New York is a hub of activity for their four children and a steady stream of guests. In addition to family, Don’s passions include flying an antique (1948) seaplane, cooking pizza in his wood-fired pizza oven, and serving as a board member for numerous charities

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